Peru’s García will not attend Humala’s inauguration


Alan García during his 1985 and 2006 inaugurations (Photo: El Comercio )

Outgoing President Alan Garcia has said he will not attend Ollanta Humala’s presidential inauguration.

According to an article published in El Comercio, critics of Garcia assumed this to be a snub against his successor, whom he defeated in the 2006 elections.

As García inspected a new school, he said the inauguration on July 28th "is to hear the new president’s message."

He recalled that although he had attended the inauguration of Alberto Fujimori in 1990, "there was such unrest in congress, because of my presence, that I’d rather focus on my health, and say ‘Let the new president give his message freely, let’s not vent our frustrations in front of foreign heads of state.’"

García recalled the booing her received the last day of his first term: "it’s almost inevitable, MPs take advantage of the situation, they make noise and shout and it’s not good for the country to do this in front of visitors foreigners. Finally, it is also not good for me, because I suffered this in the 1990. "

He added he wasn’t mandated by the constitution to attend the event, and considered it better to leave the government palace while the new president was being sworn in.