Peru will respect existing mining contracts, says next minister


Carlos Herrera Descalzi Photo:Andina/ Juan Carlos Guzmán Negrini)  

Carlos Herrera Descalzi, recently appointed Minister of Energy and Mining, has stated the new government will respect contracts and will focus on the negotiation of commitments in the mining sector.

According to an article in Andina, Herrera said that Ollanta Humala’s administration would not break commitments or contracts entered into by the previous administration, be it good or bad.

"Contracts must be respected because it is essential for stability. The country is like a person, if he doesn’t keep to his word or commitment, he loses the credit he needs to continue in life," Herrera said.

"Laws and contracts also promote the country," he said in a statement to channel ATV.

Herrera said that the new government would use legal channels to ensure domestic demand for gas is met, using gas from Block 88.

He said the state should give different opportunities for dialogue in the mining sector, in order for communities to understand the benefits of mining.

Furthermore, Herrera said that this should be accompanied by environmental impact studies carried out with "professionalism and seriousness."