Authorities open new path in Machu Picchu


View of Machu Pichu from Wayna Pichu (Photo: Andina/Percy Hurtado)

Tourism authorities in Cusco announced they would be enabling a new path for visitors to Machu Picchu, in order to meet the recent record-high demand.

According to an article published in Andina, the new path to Machu Picchu would be under evaluation for 15 days and would allow visitors to see Inca walls, the natural landscape and Huayna Picchu.

This initiative benefited tourists who were prevented from entering early on Monday morning, because they had not been able to purchase tickets. The tourists had blocked off roads in protest.

The press announcement came after a meeting between Cusco’s Regional Director of Culture, Juan Julio Garcia Rivas, Regional Director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Carlos Zuniga, and Peggy Morante, a representitive of Iperú.

Garcia explained that the route will be open from 6:00 a.m. Tuesday, and will allow an additional 400 tourists to enter per day.

He noted that if in 15 days there could be guarantees that the new area wouldn’t lead to a collapse, it could become a permanent pathway.

A decision regarding the paths future will depend on the Management Unit of Machu Picchu (UGM).