Peru’s new government to focus on education, health, social programs


Marisol Espinoza (Photo:Andina/Gustavo Sánchez )

The new government will change the current budget and prioritize investment in education, health and social programs, according to vice president-elect Marisol Espinoza.

According to news agency Andina, Espinoza stated she had already talked to future Minister of Finance, Miguel Castilla, on this issue, which is one of the concerns of President-elect Ollanta Humala.

"We talked to him to redefine the budget, based on proposals from Gana Peru [Humala’s Party] which revolved around social inclusion programs; these programs include issues of education and health, and social programs that are not already included in the budget," she said.

She said the new government would work toward economic growth of no less than 6%, by the end of the year.

"Our commitment is for the country to grow with equity – that the growth does not stop. (Castilla) will be in charge of making growth go to 6% (…) which is a conservative goal," she told local CPN Radio.

Espinoza further noted that the new cabinet – which will take office on July 28 – gives trust to the country and would work "toward a path of social inclusion."

Finally, she said the government would be careful with public resources and would comply with the law on this matter.