Garcia: Peru moves towards modernity after eradicating illiteracy



President Alan Garcia visits the Cultural Literacy Center in Rimac. (Photo ANDINA/ Oscar Farje)

President Alan Garcia said Tuesday that Peru is set to "run" towards modernity after eradicating illiteracy, as some 1.6 million Peruvians have learned to read and write in recent years.

"A country that prides itself of making progress and growing could not coexist with this issue that, if viewed from the perspective of a woman who had no education and was confined to housework or fieldwork, was a huge gap in the history of our country," he said.

At the inauguration of the country’s Literacy Cultural Center, the head of state said that the fact that there were millions of illiterate people in our country was a "black hole" in the consciousness of all Peruvians, and not only of politics and statistics.

He noted that thanks to the efforts of thousands of literacy coordinators, 1.6 million Peruvians have learned to read and write in recent years, with which Peru was declared as a country free of illiteracy by international organizations.

"With that title now we can run towards modernity without the embarrassment of having a black hole inside us which shamed all Peruvians for having forgotten those who had no education," he said.

President Garcia mentioned that 600,000 out of this 1.6 million literate Peruvians are currently studying in alternative primary education in order to deepen their knowledge.

However, the Peruvian leader noted that there are still 800,000 people who could not pass the exams so his desire is to continue those efforts.