UGM will evaluate plan to solve limited access to Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu (Photo: Andina/ Percy Hurtado )

The Management Unit of Machu Picchu (UGM) will meet next week in Cusco to evaluate plans to solve the current 2,500 visitors a day restriction.

Regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Carlos Zuñiga reported news of the meeting.

Zuñiga told Andina news agency that the proposed plan would address the capacity restrictions, which would be increased to 5,000 daily visits in the long term. The plan would also address the protection and sustainable development of tourism in the area.

“The Master Plan for Machu Picchu made in 2005 gave the magic number of 2,500 tourists per day, but today everything has changed, there are more trains arriving, the demand of visitors increased and will continue to increase, so we have to see other options,” he said.

He stressed that the plan would not affect the conservation of the site, which would provide schedules for visits as well as alternative routes to visit the site.

The regional head of Cusco, Jorge Tito Acurio, district mayor of Machu Picchu, Oscar Valencia, and the Ministry of Culture, among other institutions, chair the UGM.