Ollanta Humala and …


We are all waiting time after time for new results… who will be Ollanta Humala´s contendent? According to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE in Spanish) the results at the 80,82% of the votes are as following 30,25% for Ollanta Humala, 24,92% for Alan García and 24,03% for Lourdes Flores.
Anyway the results of the elections show the polarization of the country, Humala declared that he could win in the first round though he is far away from the 50% of the votes in order to win, the other two “traditional parties” have together almost 50% of the votes, so Mr. Humala´s speculations were wrong. Mr.García is the surprise because his last and only government was considered by many experts the “worse in Peru´s history”, though this man can talk and has charisma, the young voters who are the biggest part of the population do not remember his regime because they were just kids. The other surprise is Mr. Humberto Lay, an unknown evangelist architect who got 4,34% exceeding all the expectations.