The Congress divided in several parties


The new Congress will start in July and there will be representatives of different political groups, according to an opinion poll made by Apoyo the APRA party has 20.7% of the votes, UPP has 17.7% of the votes, Unidad Nacional has 17.1% of the votes, “Alianza para el Futuro” has 12.9% of the votes, Frente de Centro has 8.6% and Perú Posible 4.2%.
The candidate to the Congress who got more votes (231.819) is Keiko Sofía Fujimori, the oldest daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, in the second place is Carlos Bruce, Minister of Housing and Construction for PP (Perú Posible) and promoter of the housing programme “Mi Techo”, though he will have a place in the Congress only if his party has more of the 4% of the votes in the whole country.