FTA with the US


President Alejandro Toledo has travelled to the United States in order to suscribe the Free Trade Agreement with the US. President Toledo has expressed that he should sign this agreement even though he is being strongly critisized for this decision, he declared that the negotiations about the FTA with US were under his regime, therefore he has the right to continue with the agreement.
The biggest opponent to the signature of the FTA is Ollanta Humala, who has declared that the next Congress should debate about the FTA and not this Congress, if he is elected the next president of Peru he will re-examine the terms of the FTA, which lacks of legal support because the negotiations have finished. The candidate Alan García has an ambiguous position towards the FTA, though he has proposed in his government plan to transform the Andean region in an Export region, which will need the support of the American market because it is the main buyer of our exportations. The candidate Lourdes Flores agrees with the FTA as long as the sectors which could have losses would have compensations.
Anyway if the FTA will be debated in the next Congress the future of the FTA is uncertain due to the fact that Ollanta Humala´s party got forty places in the coming Congress.