And the tension continues…


The tension continues, we still do not know who will be at the second round running for the next presidencial elections with Ollanta Humala and we will have to wait two weeks more until all the votes are counted. According to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) out of the 87,66% of the total votes, Ollanta Humala has 30,96% of the votes, Alan García is at the second place with 24,44% of the votes and Lourdes Flores is at the third place with 23,37%.
Flores and García are waiting and telling each vote, according to García the votes coming from the country side will support his party and according to Lourdes Flores, the votes from the Peruvians living abroad will support her. There are 293 thousands Peruvian voters in the US, in Europe there are 139 thousands, in Asia 23 thousands, in Oceania 1,453 and in Africa 145.