Tourism in Rímac


Due to its dilapidated state, informal commerce and high crime rates the historic center of Rímac, a U.N. World Heritage Site, is not realizing its tourist potential.

The mayor or Rímac, Louis Lobatón, is working to increase the amount of public space in the city with the aim of creating a tourism corridor. However, many obstacles remain if Rímac is to be converted into a tourist attraction.

According to the United Nations Development Program (PNUD), many of the historic building in the zone do not have a proper title due to administrative errors over many decades. Lack of titles is also a problem residents of the district who have lived in their homes for many years but do not have the documents to show that they property is theirs.

Also, many of the buildings in the historic center have been identified as historic monuments by the INC (National Cultural Institute). Making changes to these structures is extremely difficult due to their protected status.

The Municipality, the INC and the PNUD have determined that any development of tourism in Rímac will have to wait until legal and administrative reforms take place to resolve the status of the many buildings in the historic center.