Camisea Report Causes Problems


The publication in February of a report by the consulting firm E-Tech International about the origin of the four breaks in the Camisea duct has caused a stir. One of the most important points of the study was declaration that the group responsible for constructing the line, Transportadora de Gas del Peru (TGP), had used second rate material for the pipes construction.

Osinerg, the Peruvian agency that regulates the energy sector, used the results of this study to hire another firm Techno Gas International to conduct a more thorough technical analysis.

The technical report concluded that the faults in the line were “not related to the use of materials but to external factors originating from land slides”. The technical study also stated that “it could not conclude that the faults occurred due to the quality of material, by corrosion or from the quality of the welding”. The study also reported that field inspections and manufactures certifications showed that the material used to build the duct was new.

A complete audit of the gas duct is still pending approval.