Presidential Debate in Lima


Representatives of the two presidential candidates, Ollanta Humala and Alan García, met yesterday to begin discussing ground rules for a presidential debate. According to a recent poll 90% of Peruvians are insisting on a debate between the candidates.

The ex-spokesman for the UPP (Humala’s party), Daniel Abugattas has even suggested that the candidates be hooked up to lie detectors. “I hope those at APRA (party of Alan García) are not offended. It would be fabulous to have to candidates hooked up to lie detectors during the debate so the people can tell when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. The representative for APRA, Jorge del Castillo, insists that they debate not turn into a cock fight.

Their meeting lasted for over two hours and the representative for the UPP insisted that a debate take place between the technical teams and the vice presidents. APRA said that it will continue to evaluate this possibility. Both sides did agree that the presidential debate should be televised and they will continue meeting to determine the time and place of the debate as well as who will serve as the moderator.