Humala Accuses the U.S.


Presidential candidate Ollanta Humala maintained that he will not ask for another visa from the United States. He emphasized that if they made a mistake in revoking his visa, they should ‘mend’ the mistake because what they are doing is trying to “become involved en the campaign by using this item to destabilize me”.

“It seems to me that the U.S. Embassy published this document during the campaign to try to hurt and destabilize me as a person ineligible for a visa. I would want to know why they consider me this way”, added Humala.

He continued by stating that he was not informed directly about the revocation in January 2005, when he was in Seoul, Loren and he only recently found out about it through the press.

“Never did they inform me about the revocation. I do know why I am not eligible for a visa, it would be good if they (the U.S.) could be more precise on this topic”, he added.
On the other hand, Humala stated that his government would try to have a good relationship with the U.S.