Humala’s Father Defends Anti-García Material


Isaac Humala, the father of presidential candidate Ollanta Humala, reappeared on the public scene after promising his son that he would keep a low profile. He reappeared as the lawyer for a printing company that was printing and distributing anti-García material. The material was being decommissioned by the National Elections Board (JNE) and authorities from the Public Ministry as this type of propaganda is against the law.

The pamphlets being printed and distributed appeared in the form of old 5,000 inti notes (the old currency of Peru) with words such as “corruption”, “hyperinflation”, and “liar” and on the back it read, “Remember Peruvians, Alan García is a Liar”.

Isaac Humala said that he did not know of the existence of this material but when asked about it he said, “If they say that Alan García is a thief it is the truth, it is part of the history”

Román Sánchez, of the JNE, said that the printing of such materials is a crime. When asked about who paid for the printing the owner of the print shop said that they were paid to run 3,000 pamphlets but she did not know the identify of the person who paid for the printing.