Kidnapped businessman set free after paying a $500,000 ransom


kidnapping victim's finger was cut off Paulino Pajuelo Ambrosio was freed yesterday by his kidnappers after being held in captivity for six days.
Pajuelo was abducted outside his home on May 10 while taking out the trash. The kidnappers had monitored his activities for several days and knew that he was the one who took out the trash on a daily basis.

The kidnappers informed the family that negotiations for his release would only happen if they rejected any police assistance and demanded a ransom of US$ 500,000. Pajuelo’s business activities are in forestry and lumber in the Pucallpa areas.

Around midnight on Monday units of the local police found Pajuelo in the district of Los Olivos. Witnesses said that he was dumped out of a station wagon. He was immediately transferred to a local hospital where it was realized that he was missing part of his right ring finger. His kidnappers had sawed it off and sent it by mail to his family. Doctors reported that his body was bruised, dehydrated, and the sawed off part of his finger was infected but that he was in stable condition and resting.

This was the 16th kidnapping this year and the second where kidnappers have cut off a part of the body.