Humala met with US ambassador


Humala meets US ambassadorPresidential candidate Ollanta Humala met with US ambassador to Peru, James Curtis Struble, and requested that the United States refrain from any acts that could be viewed as an interference in the current election campaign in Peru.
Humala informed that other subjects of
the conversation included the fight against poverty, the institutionalization of the
democracy in Peru, and the fight against international crime and money laundering.
Struble would not respond to questions
of the press, but stated that "we consider it very
positive to maintain open communication with the political forces. We
have had a very friendly conversation with Mr. Humala and his
vice-president Gonzalo Garcia
. It has never been my practice to declassify
this type of private conversation”.
On the subject of his revoked 10-year visa to the United States, Humala expressed that "the subject no longer depends on him (Struble),
but on the North American administration, but evidently it has been
recognized that there has been a false perception and prejudgment by the US. They revoked my visa based on a situation (the Andahuaylas case) in
which I am not even considered a defendant”.
He was told that he cannot enter US territory until he again applies for a visa and receives the green light.