Cesar Hildebrandt returns to TV


Peruvian TV journalist Cesar Hildebrandt
The outstanding journalist César Hildebrandt returns to the small
screen: via Televisión Nacional del Peru (TNP, Channel 7).
Hildebrandt will moderate a special program next Sunday in which diverse panelists will
analyze the presidential debate between Alan Garcia and Ollanta Humala.
He took a sabatical in February after his daily show "Hoy Con Hildebrandt" was unexpectedly canceled by the general manager of his longtime home channel "Frecuencia Latina", Alberto Cabello, citing an "incompatibilty" between his program and the TV station. He was one of the very rare TV journalists who was granted an interview from Ollanta Humala. He has always been known for his unbiased approach.
It is not yet known whether he will permanently return with a new program under the umbrella of TNP.