Presidential Debate At 8pm tonight!


Tensions and expectations are growing!
Peruvians and international observers are awaiting the long anticipated nationally televised debate between the two presidential candidates Alan Garcia and Ollanta Humala which will start at  – 8.00 p.m. tonight –.
The controversy will last 90 minutes and five umbrella topics have been selected on which the candidates will have a pre-defined time to express their positions:

1. democracy,
governability and human rights
2. economic policy and the fight against poverty
3. social policy and political anticorruption
4. decentralization, crime prevention and
citizen security
5. final statements

For each topic both candidates will have a time limit of six minutes: three to express their views, two for rebuttal and retort, and one for a discussion extension.
At the end each candidate will be granted one minute for a final statement.

The main broadcast will be televised by the state owned station Television National de Peru (TNP, Channel 7) and by several radio stations as well. Other channels will chime in with detailed analysis and various discussion panels before and after the debate.

In addition, the debate will be carried live on the Internet by CPN radio:

The debate is expected to receive great syntony 2 weeks before the election on June 4. Many analysts expect it to have a  major influence on undecided voters.
Other so-called ‘experts of public opinion’ are trying to downplay and relativize its impact on voter’s intentions since most of them already have preconceived ideas and the debate will only reinforce their perspective.

The audience will  consist of 30 people, including representatives of State universities that were in charge of the event’s organization and seven advisors for each candidate.

(see organizational infochart (in Spanish)