Limeans think that Garcia won the debate


Alan Garcia Perez, the presidential candidate of Apra, is the winner of Sunday night’s TV debate, according to a flash survey by CPI.
61.8% of the questioned people favored Garcia and only 20% gave Ollanta Humala the edge. 14.8% think that it was a tie and 3% had no opinion.

However, since the survey was conducted Monday morning among 500 citizens of Lima, an obvious stronghold of Garcia, the result may be highly objective and questionable from a national standpoint. Currently 68% of the electorate of Lima support Alan Garcia compared to Humala’s 32%.

The CPI survey indicates that 83% of the questioned people saw or listened to the debate, quite a high index that reflects the enormous interest of the citizenship.

With respect to the result of the debate, 55% consider that the debate has met their expectations while 41% feel disappointed or even betrayed. 4,6% had no opinion.

42% believe the debate had its focus on ideas and plans of government while 55% attached the importance on personalities, an unusually high number.

According to CPI director Manuel Saavedra "this only means that personal attacks are not the taste of the citizenship. Obviously the people are waiting for more expositions and a discussion of ideas so that the voter has a better idea for each alternative".

In a seperate survey conducted on El Comercio’s web site, 52.66 % believe that Humala won the debate and only 47.34% voted for Garcia (4,466 participants).