Chilean government assures that Fujimori will not escape


The Chilean minister of Justice, Isidro Solis confirmed on Monday that Alberto Fujimori’s defense lawyer Gabriel Zaliasnik contacted him to offer his full cooperation and to assure that Fujimori will not try to elude to the courts or escape from the country, nor seeking refuge in Japan’s embassy.

He was also told that Fujimori will not create any complications for the Chilean authorities, that he wishes that his case strictly remains in the hands of the the Chileaan justice system and that he will not seek involvement in the internal policies of Peru by using Santiago as his platform.

"The restrictions are that he cannot participate in political activities, cannot participate in acts witnessed by a notary public of political connotation. He cannot make policy from Chile that affects Peru", Solis said.

Meanwhile the Peruvian government, through an official diplomatic note to the Chilean embassy, has requested adequate measures from the Chilean government to avoid further "interferences" by Fujimori in Peruvian policies and the electoral process.