Bachelet worried about Fujimori’s declarations


Chilean president Michelle Bachelet said she is worried about the
lastest declarations by the  ex-president of Peru, Alberto
Fujimori, and said that she sent a note to the Supreme Court to ensure that Fujimori must abstain from emitting political uprisings.

“It occured to us that his various declarations to different members of the press are  not positive”, Bachelet said, in an meeting with
international press correspondents in Santiago.

The president explained that the last political judgments by Fujimori can both affect the political
situation in Peru and the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Consequently, Bachelet added, her government sent an official note to the
Supreme Court that, based on current Chilean law, Fujimori could be expelled from the country if he continues in making political
"We have asked the Supreme Court of Chile who manages the
measures that this high court considers necessary (…) to avoid the
performances of Mr. Fujimori, which can be  interpreted as incompatible with the Chilean legal
system under which he is currently put under. It also may be affecting the relations being
Chile and Peru”, Bachelet said.