Humala warns of possible election fraud by APRA


Presidential candidate Ollanta Humala reasserted Tuesday at a rally in Huánuco that Alan Garcia and his APRA party are planning election fraud against his election in the run-offs on June 4.

Meanwhile the president of the National Election Jury (JNE), Enrique Mendoza, responded to Humala accusations asking him to present clear evidence supporting his allegetions. In a press conference Mendoza stated again that the international O.A.S. delegation supervising the election declared its process as "clean and transparent" and affirmed that the JNE’s guarantee that the elections will be safe and transparent, reason why considered this type of commentary "absolutely does not help in anything".
Mendoza stated that possible flaws in the process have been corrected and dealt with so that the errors of the first return are not repeated and that the applied safety measures would make it impossible for ballots to be altered in any way.
"There are too many guarantees against any systematic or ample irregularities, the errors of the first round shouln’t be confused with trap situations or deceit, that is not possible; the audit is quite strict and we have several saftey measures", he emphasized.

The president of the OAS mission in Peru, the Canadian ex-Secretary of State Lloyd Axworthy, stated that the process is "clean and transparent" and asked the candidates to worry about serious topics instead of fraud. "We will do our job", he said.