Humala has no evidence for possible fraud


The presidential candidate of Union por el Peru (UPP), Ollanta Humala, admitted that he has no proof to demonstrate a possible electoral fraud in order to prevent his victory in the second round on June 4. However, he stated again that the possibility is latent.

“There is the possibility that fraud will be committed. "I don’t have proof. If I had the proof, I would immediately denounce those responsible to the electoral system," Humala told CPN radio..

Humala said his suspicions are based largely on the "formal and public accusations" by Luis Bedoya de Vivanco and Lourdes Flores, who told reporters she felt she had "lost at the tabulation tables, not at the ballot box" when she was narrowly defeated by Garcia in the first round.

When asked if he would respect the election results if he loses, Humala avoided a direct answer. "I believe there is no reason to be pessimistic," he said. "We’re going to win in the second round and I will take a seat in the presidential armchair on July 28 …" He also rejected the presumptions of APRA congressmen Jorge del Castillo and Mauricio Mulder of preparing an armed uprising in case he loses the elections.

With the purpose of avoiding any attempts against a normal enforcement of the second round election, the ‘Fiscalia de la Nacion’ (attourney general’s office) has arranged by means of a resolution that the provincial public prosecutors and superior penitentiaries and compounds stay on alert throughout the country, during and after election day on June 4.

Just like they proceeded during the first electoral round on April 9, the public prosecutors will visit polling stations in all the regions of the country with the intention of detecting and/or successfully obtaining any irregularities. Attourney General, Adelaida Bolivar, reminded that people commit crimes against the suffrage when the right gifts, advantages or promises are offered to induce manipulations of votes and voters. Suspicious people can be exposed because they cannot present their official certificates. Voters are also prohibited to use fake or other people’s ID card (DNI) and to supplant them at the time of the voting, whether they are from relatives or friends.

People also commit electoral crimes by showing the intent of using violence and threats or they try to prevent the elections in any way.