Bush concerned about Chavez’ meddling in Peru’s election


After US
ambassador to Peru, James Curtis Struble, told reporters his concern about the
recent interferences by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, President Bush also
expressed his concerns.Struble
said that "there is notable interference by Venezuela" in Peru’s
elections and added that "it is of concern to Peruvians, but also to everyone

Bush chimed in as well, saying that he, too, was concerned about Chavez’
meddling in Peru’s elections.

Enrique Mendoza, director of Peru’s National Election Board (JNE) said that it
has been decided not to renew Venezuela’s representative, Jorge Rodriguez, as a
poll watcher for "lack of impartiality". JNE
made the decision based on the fact that Rodríguez, then the top Venezuelan
electoral authority during the first round on April 9, violated the rules for
international electoral observers, as he openly backed one of the Peruvian
presidential candidates, namely nationalist Ollanta Humala.

According to TV reports, Rodríguez was always by Humala’s
side, behaved as his friend, offered him logistical support and even played the
role of Humala’s bodyguard, when the nationalist candidate was harassed by foes
outside a balloting center. Therefore, for Peruvian authorities, Rodríguez
violated the principle of impartiality.

a recent survey, when asked if they had a positive or negative opinion about
Hugo Chavez, 61% of Peruvians answered with negative and only 17% positive.
Many people also believe the liaison between Humala and Chavez had or still has
a negative effect and hurt his candidacy.