Humala calls shooting in Cusco an act of ‘savagery’


The presidential candidate of UPP, Ollanta Humala, made the APRA responsible for the eruption of violence in Cusco yesterday afternoon.
“They put their bullets into our people and for the Apra we are the guilty ones. I want you to remember that nothing justifies the unholstering of a weapon and to shoot against a person. I understand that verbal attacks and slugging matches during a campaign are part of the democratic competition, but it does not justify that Alan Garci’s head of security shot at people who were unarmed. We also have been victims of attacks, but we have never arrived at levels of savagery”, Humala said during a press conference at noon.

He also took the opportunity to affirm once again that he will not resign from his  candidacy and clarified that this whole situation is meant to be psychologial in order to affect his presidential bid.

“They say that Ollanta would think about resigning his candidacy. That is totally false and only an incoherent psychological game. We came out well from the presidential debate and we won the first electoral round comfortably. Why would we even think about resignation. It is a flagrant lie which will only give the nationalistic forces a boost”, he proclaimed.

He also requested from the mass media to take incoming news with greater seriousness and impartiality.
“I must denounce that some are trying to comprise disinformation to this campaign. Perhaps there is pressure from the directors or owners of the mass media to report negativly of one candidate and to make up things for the other one. I ask the journalists and all Peruvians to be more responsible because the dignity of all Peruvians is at stake”, he expressed.

He also requested from his UPP supporters and scrutinizers to reject all types of provocations and to stay alert at the tabulation boxes because of the possibility of  electoral fraud.