Lourdes Flores does not rule out another run for the presidency


After a period of silence since losing the election by a slim margin, the ex-presidential candidate Lourdes Flores entered the political arena again yesterday. She
assured that she knows and is conscious of the responsibility given to her by the three million votes she obtained in the first
round. She assured to undertake all the necessary tasks to meet this responsibilty.

In regard to the electoral second round she hopes that the opponents are seeking to convince those who
did not vote for them in the first round. "Lamentably, the second round is a vote by negation: people do not vote for but against a candidate, who creates less fear and who is the smaller risk", she said.

“I believe that for July 28, our duty is to represent those who showed their confidence to us in the first round”, she added and avoided to express any favoritism for either candidate.
Asked if she would consider another run fo the presidency, she said that it is necessary to let things evolve in a calmly manner. "Another defeat gives maturity and more
serenity”, she assured.