Average Peruvian is 157cm tall


The average height of Peruvians at a national level is 1,57 meter (61.8 inches or 5"1.5 feet).
The average height of men is 1,64 meters and for women 1,51 meter, according to
a recent survey made by the Executive Direction of Monitoring Food and Nutricion (DEVAN), part of the National Health Institute (INS).

José Sanchez Abanto, director of DEVAN, informed that according to the study these values show differences by geography. People living in the Peruvian mountain ranges are on average smaller, men or women.
Nevertheless, he commented that unlike weight, which has the tendency
to increase with age, height reaches its maximum levels at about 29 years of age and diminishes
progressively after that when getting older.

The study developed by DEVAN of the INS questioned a total
of 4,206 people, of which 49,9% (2,099) are men and 50,1%
(2,107) are women. Five geographical layers were used (Lima Metropolitan, rest
of coastal areas, urban mountain range, rural Mountain range and the Amazon forest). It was conducted between the months of October 2004 and
April 2005.