Prohibitions and guarantees before and on election day!


The National Election Jury (JNE) informs:

– Friday, June 2, – Sunday, June 4:
meetings or public manifestations of political character are
prohibited. During this timeframe the sale of spirituous beverages (including beer) is also prohibited.

– Saturday, June 3, – Sunday, June 4:
all political propaganda
material is suspended, including the use of flags and symbols. The Armed
Forces will maintain a free transit for all voters and it is
prohibited to carry arms.

– Saturday, June 3, – Monday, June 5:
All eligible and apt voters, election officials, workers at the tabulation tables and ballot boxes cannot be arrested or held, except for flagrant crime.

– Sunday, May 28, – Sunday, June 4:
The execution and spreading of surveys is prohibited. From Monday, May 29th, until Sunday, June 4th, survey results can no longer be published.

– Sunday, June 4:
popular spectacles, theater functions, cinema, meetings
in closed and public places;  religious offices; meetings of voters within a radius of 100 meters of voting
premises; meetings of people working at the tabulation tables, are prohibited.