Undecided voters will decide the outcome


More than 3.2 mil. voters have not made up their mind who they will vote for on Sunday or if they will vote at all, according to recent surveys. One fifth of the Peruvian voting population will have a major influence on the direction of the pendulum’s swing.
The candidates have only a few hours left and it is safe to assume that the mud slinging, war of words, and personal attacks between Ollanta Humala and Alan Garcia will continue during that timeframe. Each candidate will do their utmost to conquer these votes and Humala will need a lot of them to come out on top.
order to obtain that objective Garcia as well as Humala have to primarily focus their marketing skills on two concrete locations: Lima and the Sierras, the central mountain areas. From a national standpoint that is where most of the so-called handbag votes are to be swayed.
Garcia will concentrate his efforts on Peru’s capital, Lourdes Flores old bastion, where 15% of the population is still undecided. So far he has not been able to persuade many of her followers to vote for him. He has to convince them that voting for the "lesser evil" is better than voting blank or not voting at all.
Humala on the other will have to concentrate on the mountain ranges where 19% of the votes are still up for grabs.

In addition both candidates will have to keep an eye on the Amazon forest (10% undecided) and Arequipa, normally a Humalista stronghold par excellence, but Garcia seems to have gained some ground there during the last month.

It will be interesting, and hopefully their efforts are purely based on words, not violence.