Garcia closes campaign in Lima


Garcia closes campaign in LimaThe presidential candidate of APRA, Alan Garcia closed his electoral campaign in Lima  last night in front of thousands of supporters who set off fireworks and streamers in the Peruvian national colours of red and white, cheering and waving flags and banners saying "Alan for president".
He tried to clear the doubts and fears that surounded his candidacy, assuring that he will not commit the errors of the past and promised that people will not have to stand in line for food again.

Garcia predicted that this Sunday, democracy will prevail over the militarist right”, and announced again that he will prevent “hatred, violence and confrontation between the Peruvians”, in direct reference to his contender and nationalist, Ollanta Humala.

He assured his commitment for a solid and stable economy, which leaves no space for the errors of the past, and affirmed his respect for the Constitution, the laws and democracy.
In reference to a recent maritime border dispute with Chile he said that "not one inch of the 200 marine miles will be touched”.

Garcia reaffirmed his proposals to provide the Limean shantyowns and rural areas of the country with potable water, to create a development plan for the country’s south,  to arrange affordable credits for agriculturists and small businesses, as well as respect ing the eight-hour work day.

In addition, he reiterated that he pushes to install the death for the rape of minors and to fortify social programs such as ‘Vaso de Leche’ (cup of milk), so that there will be "zero hunger" throughout the country.

He also announced an initiative before Congress that the salaries of the political class is reduced by 50 percent.