16 new high-tech monitoring video cameras in Miraflores installed


video cameras in Miraflores, click to enlarge16 new modern digital high-tech video cameras have been installed in several public areas in Lima’s district of Miraflores to monitor traffic and street crimes night and day.

The cameras can turn 360 degrees and register everything in a radius of 300 meters. The watchmen handling the equipment can press a button and immediately the camera is zooming in, providing a picture so precise that it is possible to see the license plate number of any vehicle. This way any traffic infraction will be registered in the recording.

The cameras are installed at AV. Benavides/República de Panamá, Calle de las Pizzas, Parque del Amor, Av. Larco, and in other crucial areas of the district. The monitors are observed at a control center, located in block 52 of the Av. Arequipa. Any irregularity or infraction, assaults or a car crashes are immediately reported to the next citizen security vehicle that is closest to the place of the incident.

The mayor of Miraflores, Fernando Andrade, said that total cost of this equipment was S./ 600,000, payed from own resources of the municipality.