Accomplices of ‘La Gata’ captured


After continuing their effort againt kidnapping crimes, including the search for partisans of Jhonny Vásquez Carty, alias “the Cat”, the Division of Criminology of the National Police announced the capture of Emilio Genaro Molina Acosta, alias ‘chino Molina’, and Amadeo Molinari, alias Greco, both members of the criminal organization ‘Los Injertos’ who have participated in multiple kidnappings.

According to the Police, the captured had the mission to guard their victims during the time of captivity until the moment of liberation in exchange for ransom.

The capture of these delinquents happened after patient work of investigation which not only allowed the arrests of members of the ‘La Gata’ gang but also the discovery of buildings that were used by the kidnappers in Lima, Callao and Trujillo.