Surfin’ Sofia going through some rough times


Interview with Peruvian surfing world champion Sofia Mulanovich:

Peruvian surfer Sofia Mulanovich Q: How’s it going these days?
A: It has been the beginning of a difficult year, but I am not overly concerned. I know I will return to the Number 1 spot”.

Q: How do you evaluate your performance in the first three competitions of the World Cup?
A: It’s hard to say. Lot’s of ups and downs. In Fiji, for example, I received the highest score of my career; however in the following round I couldn’t make it to the quarterfinals. The start of the season has definitely not been good.

Q: You have any explanation?
A: No, but I haven’t lost hope either. I know that I underachieved in the first three races, but that’s how it is. Sometimes you are doing well, sometimes not. I am very patient and I know that my moment will come.

Q: You pressure yourself of winning another world title?
A: Clearly that’s what I want, but I don’t pressure myself because I know that makes it even worse. I just want to surf better and win competitions again. The girl who ranks number one today (Australian Melanie Redman) is 32 years old, so I have a long way to go. I don’t doubt that I will return becoming a champion again.

Q: Is it time to recuperate a little?
A: The next event is Brazil where I have never surfed before and I hope things will turn for the better. And just like in previous years, we will finish the season in Hawaii. No time to recuperate.

Q: What an honor to have a stamp with your name on it and a documentary solely dedicated to you…
A: This is incredible. I always thought that this kind of tributes are made to people who already died. First time I heard about this it seemed like a dream.

Q: So what comes next for you?
A: In two weeks I leave for the U.S. Open and I hope for better luck than in previous years. Then I will go to Brazil.

Q: Will you be surfing in the upcoming World Championships in California and try to regain the title you won in Ecuador?
A: It will be very difficult. I have commitments in Australia the next few days and I don’t think I will be able to go. It’s tough and it hurts but there are some obligations I cannot avoid. At the same time I hope that all the boys and girls who are going will give their best and demonstrate to the world that we have excellent surfers.