Spectacular Patriot Day Parade in Miraflores


Miraflores Patriot Day ParadeImpressive, colorful and pompous. These three words could be heard over and oveagain by the thousands of people witnessing the yearly "Fiestas Patrias" parade in Miraflores yesterday, organized by the Wong supermarket chain.

Stretching through 21 blocks, people were not bothered by the closure of many high-traffic avenues. Various dance performances in typical Peruvian costumes, marching band music, a new fleet of fantastic floats and falloons covering a wide variety of themes and topics, and the final fireworks entertained the crowd for many hours during the day and into darkness; a spectacle for the young and old, the small and tall.

Many bystanders with cameras and super-eights struggled in getting the best photographic perspective; people were sitting on trees, park statues served as elevated platforms, and neighboring shop windows on higher floors were mostly occupied by those wanting to get the best view.

The cleanup crew was busy and worked hard until the early morning hours.