Etcheberry: Fujimori extradition follows normal procedure, but is slow


Peruvian attorney and state representative in Chile, Alfredo Etcheberry, expressed that the extradition process of ex-president Alberto Fujimori follows normal procedure but, because he is not a prisoner, has developed more slowly.

“My personal impression is that perhaps we have slowed down a little. I hope that the new political situation in Peru will make it possible to take steps faster”, he said.

He pointed out that Chile’s Supreme Court judge Orlando Alvarez originally denied Fujimori’s release from prison but later the court granted the ex-president’s appeal, receiving conditional freedom based on several restrictions.

He indicated that he was against granting provisional freedom to Fujimori because he is a flight risk. His arrival in Chile has demonstrated a great portion of boldness and that he does not need additional financial resources.

He added that Fujimori arrived in Chile illegally because Peru’s southern neighbor does not allow the entry of international fugitives. If Chile rules against the extradition, Fujimori can choose the country he wants to go. A return to Japan seems reasonable and could not be prevented.