Transcript of Alan Garcia’s Inauguration Speech


you can download a transcript of President Alan Garcia’s inauguration speech here (pdf file, in Spanish)

read also Tyler Bridges’ article analyzing his words in the Miami Herald:

Garcia: I have changed

Peruvian President Alan García took office determined to make amends after his disastrous term in the late 1980s.

Given a second chance to govern 16 years after he left Peru in a mess, President Alan García began another five-year term Friday by promising to cut politicians’ salaries, build more roads and reduce illiteracy.

Long gone was the García who took office 21 years ago promising a confrontation with the international lending community and Washington by vowing to limit Peru’s foreign-debt payments. He left office in 1990 with Peru suffering from galloping inflation, spiraling Shining Path guerrilla violence and ordinary people having to wait in line to buy bread.

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