Miraflores’ Mayor’s brother offers business licenses for money


TV program "Panorama" showed an investigative report last night observing Gustavo Andrade, brother of a mayor and a congressman, offering a business license in exchange for US$ 800 in the Lima’s posh district of Miraflores.

Fernando Andrade, Mayor of MirafloresThe reporters used a hidden camera recording the precise moment in which Gustavo- brother of Fernando Andrade (Mayor of Miraflores) and Alberto Andrade (Congressman, Frente de Centro and ex-Mayor of Lima) – receives a 50% pay up-front for handing out the legal document.

Businessman Angelo Sanguinetti (27) managed to get in contact with Gustavo through a friend. Andrade proposes a fast and effective way to obtain the operative license for his bar located at Calle Diez Canseco.

“It infuriates me when all you want is to run a business legally and you can’t because you must pay somebody to get a license”, said Sanguinetti who decided to collaborate with the journalists for this revelation.

Alberto Andrade, Congressman and ex-mayor of LimaUsing the false name "Rafael", Angelo met with Andrade last Wednesday, August 2nd, at a house in Calle Colón 110. During the conversation, Andrade explains to the businessman that his "work" would cost him 800 dollars, settled in two payments. The license would be ready in approximately two weeks.

A day later "Rafael" went back to the same address to make his first cash payment of 400 dollars. Andrade takes the money, tells "Rafael" that he will get to work immediately and he will call him when the license is ready to be picked up.

Gustavo AndradeJaime Casanova, a Spanish liquor store owner in Miraflores, affirmed that he also contacted Andrade a few months ago.

“He told me that he was the mayor’s brother and the ability to hand out a business license in a short period of time”. Casanova said that Andrade requested an amount between 200 and 500 dollars in exchange.

After the trap was made public, Gustavo Andrade “disappeared” and none of his brothers wanted to comment on their relative’s illegal practices.

(photos: RPP Noticias)