2 Peruvian Air Force pilots die in crash in Brazil


Peruvian Air Force jet crashes in Porto VelhoTwo Peruvian Air Force (FAP) jet pilots died Sunday in the Brazilian city Porto Velho after their airplane failed to get off the ground and crashed into wall at the end of the runway.

According to the FAP, the pilots had been on a stopover in Porto Velho, located in the Brazilian Amazon near the border to Bolivia, and were headed to Anapolis in central Brazil to participate in joint military exercises along with their counterparts from six different South American countries and France.

2 Peruvian Air Force pilots die after their jet hit the wall at the end of the runway in Porto Velho, Brazil“Apparently due to some technical failure the jet had trouble getting off the ground during take off and crashed into the runway wall with high speed" , said Brazilian rescue workers combing the debris.
The pilots were identified as commander Michael Quiroz Plefke and major Aldo Consiglieri Muñoz.

The pilot’s bodies were rescued from the debris. The Brazilian Air Force sealed off the area and assumed responsibility for the accident’s investigation.

Air exercise "Cruzex 06" is a multilateral aerial operation among the Air forces of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela that is taking place in the central eastern part of Brazil, including states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and Distrito Federal. The exercise will extend until September 2nd.

(Photos: Reuters)