Government could compensate 23 500 victims of the terrorism


During the 80´s and part of the 90´s the terrorist and millitary groups killed thousands of people in the Peruvian regions and Ayacucho (in the south of Peru) was one of the most affected regions.

With the Comisión de la verdad y Reconciliación (Truth and Reconciliation Comisión) many of the victims were identified and now the government is establishing plan to compensate the victims.

Each victim could receive one of five compensations:

Those who lost their documents and was unfairly accused of being terrorists will receive new identification documents and their arrest orders will be cancelled, those who weren’t able to finish their studies can receive scholarships, those who are sick and still is suffering from those days will receive health treatments, those whose properties were destroyed will get help to fix them and those who lost a family member will be compensated with money.