Humala accuses Peru’s administration of “handling” Judicial Power

Ollanta Humala

enlarge Ollanta Humala accused President Alan Garcia of ‘handling’ Peru’s Judicial Power

(LIP-wb) In the middle of the scandal shakes Peru’s Judicial Power this week – a provisional Supreme Court Justice was arrested for receiving bribe money – the leader of the oppositional Nationalistic Party Ollanta Humala accused the present government of President Alan Garcia of "handling and degrading" this power of the State to politicize his own judicial case.
Humala was officially indicted a week ago for alleged human rights violations, murder, forced disappearances, and battery while commanding a military base in Peru’s jungle (Madre Mia).

In an interview with Radio RPP Noticias, the ex-Presidential candidate left no doubt when expressing that “Alan Garcia is handling the Judicial Power from the inside with the purpose of politicizing the Madre Mia case”.

For that reason he expressed his concern that the charges he his facing are judged by a "degraded” power and, in his opinion, the case has been politicized since his rise in the presidential election polls began last December.

Humala also complained that the imposed order by judge Miluska Cano not to leave the country prevent him to campaign and promote his party’s candidates for the municipal and regional elections held on November 19th.

He also repeated his previous statement of not knowing who is behind the bribe offered to the main witness of the prosecution, Teresa Avila, to change her story. Humala suggested that the people who accuse him of being responsible for the death of their relatives are victims of the pressure put on by Peru’s National Coordination for the protection of Human Rights.

Humala Tasso maintained that during his service at the Madre Mia military base he only fought terrorism like the rest of his soldiers.