Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich wins “Best Surfer of the Year” award

Sofia Mulanovich

enlarge Peru’s most famous surfista, Sofia Mulanovich, wins the ‘2006 Surfer Of The Year’ award (Photo: John Fowler, Surfer Magazine)

For the second consecutive year Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich was honored with the "Best Surfer of the Year" award from fans and readers of Surfer Magazine. Thousands of surf fans and voted for her, registering the highest vote count ever recorded in this category.

During Tuesday night’s "Surfer Poll & Video Awards 2006", an impressive ceremony held at "The Grove" in Anaheim, California, her film "Sofia" also received highest honors by winning "Best Documentary" and "Best Performance by a Female".

“I will never forget the support of my fellow countrymen. It is because of them that I won this award, the most coveted and prestigious award a surfer can get. This will push me even more to return the affection of my country by winning a couple more world titles. Now, more than ever I am going to continue giving my best, the maximum, to make Peru proud and happy" said Mulanovich in a note to the press.

“This has been a Peruvian victory, not Sofia’s. You won this award because your votes were more powerful than the votes of Australians and Americans, including Hawaiians. When my people are united they can do and achieve anything. Imagine this double happiness. The video detailing a part of my life also won the "Best Documentary" award. A big thank you to all the Peruvian journalists and media who helped spread the word of my nomination and a big thank you to every one voting for me,” she expressed.