Isaac Humala accuses U.S. embassy for his son’s indictment

Isaac HumalaIsaac Humala, father of Peru’s ex-presidential candidate and leader of Peru’s Nationalistic Party Ollanta Humala, told the media yesterday that the embassy of the United States in Peru is behind his son’s indictment for presumed human rights violations committed at the Madre Mia military base in Peru’s jungle in 1992.

“An agonized United States doesn’t accept a Hugo Chavez in South America, consequently they try to demolish, to annihilate, to get rid of Ollanta Humala”, he complained.

He also claimed that the United States Intelligence Service operating in Peru investigated his son since he was a young cadet at the Chorrillos military school.

Issac Humala said that a coordination between the U.S. embassy and the CEO’s of the Peruvian mass media exists to harm the image of his son during the presidential elections.

He maintained that the indictment of his son is unjust because it is based on "ear-witness" testimonies from "people that are snitches of the Embassy of the United States”.

The father of Ollanta Humala made these statements while waiting with his son’s wife Nadine Heredia outside the court house in which Ollanta was questioned by judge Miluska Cano for nearly five hours.