Prosecution seeks life sentence for ‘Shining Path’ leader Abimael Guzman

(LIP-wb) – In the trial against leaders of Peru’s "Sendero Luminoso" (Shining Path) guerrilla terrorist group the prosecution today demanded life sentences for ringleader Abimael Guzmán Reynoso and ten other members of the organization charged with crimes of “agravated terrorism" and homicide.

In today’s court session at the Naval Base in Callao, state prosecutor Luz del Carmen Ibañez Carranza also asked for an additional civil repair payment of 3 billion Soles (US $ 925 million) to be shared between the defendants.

The defendants are Abimael Guzmán Reynoso, Elena Iparraguirre (partner of Guzmán), Oscar Ramirez Durand (ringleader of the Sendero Rojo splinter group), and leaders Laura Zambrano Padilla, María Pantoja Sánchez, Angélica Salas de la Cruz, Margie Clavo Peralta, Martha Huatay Ruiz, Víctor Zavala Cataño, Juana Durand and Ostaff Morote Barrionuevo.

The plea will now be evaluated by the judges. The defense will present its arguments in the next court session scheduled for next Tuesday, Sept. 19.

The accused were transferred to the court room under strict safety measures from different penitentiaries in Lima, Callao and Huaral. They were not allowed to sit next to each other in order to avoid disturbances during the course of the process.

Ringleaders of the Shining Path maoist terrorist group listen to the prosecution's plea

Prosecutors argued that Abimael Guzmán and the other leading members have reaffirmed their beliefs without showing any signs of remorse for the horrific crimes they committed. “Their rehabilitation will be very difficult," she asserted.

“Their mindset hasn’t changed a bit since 1980 because they all have indicated that the current revolutionary situation is the same as it was back then”, a prosecution spokesperson commented.

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