Chavez: ‘Cordial relations with Garcia are impossible’

(LIP-wb) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez affirmed that “it is impossible” to maintain cordial relations with his counterpart of Peru, Alan Garcia, and the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón.

Nevertheless, he said that mutual incompatibility does not mean that the relations with both countries are broken or that they cannot be further developed with normality, mostly economically.

In declarations to EFE news agency, Chávez maintained that Garcia and Calderón utilize their image in a rather grotesque way to attack their opponents: Ollanta Humala and Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, respectively.

“How can the President of Mexico now aspire good personal and political relations? That is impossible because he broke them before becoming president”, Chávez said.
He used the same reasoning against Garcia who, according to Chávez, said that his wife Marisabel Rodriguez divorced him because he beat her.

The Venezuelan president cited Garcia’s words after he won the Peruvian elections: “He’s the one who was defeated: the tyrant of the Caribbean”.

Shortly after Garcia wanted to minimize his statements, saying that they belonged to the past and we should forget about them.

“Forget? Me? Not if there is any dignity”, he expressed.

However, Chávez said that his country “will continue dealing” with Peru.

“We have deep relations with the people of our brother country and its indigenous union movement that was on the verge of winning the presidency. I believe they were defrauded”, he claimed.