Peruvian nanny found guilty in Texas; receives life sentence

Peruvian nanny Ada Cuadros(LIP-wb) — A Texas jury found Peruvian nanny Ada Cuadros Fernandez guilty of capital murder Friday in the slaying of 14-month-old Kyle Lazarchik, while in her care.

After deliberating for 7 hours, a unanimous jury sentenced Cuadros to life in prison. Both families started sobbing while the verdict was read.

According to the mass media of Dallas, the mother of Kyle, Renee Lazarchik, told Cuadros in her victim impact statement “you are an assassin and nothing else”. The father, Mike Lazarchik, told the Fernandez family that the evidence showed that she was responsible for the death of their baby.

“We are going to get yo out, you are innocent”, shout Ada’s mother while her daughter was lead out of the courtroom.

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