Belaunde: ‘We don’t treat Fujimori extradition case any different than previous government’

(LIP-wb) — Peru’s Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Garcia Belaúnde assured that Peru’s current government of Alan Garcia does not handle the extradition case of ex-President Alberto Fujimori differently from the previous government of Alejandro Toledo and rejected recent criticism of key persons involved in the process.

Peru’s Solicitor for Anti-corruption, Iván Montoya, recently stepped down from his position complaining that the current government “does not support” the extradition request filed with Chilean justice system.

Belaunde said he wasn’t "happy" about the statements made by Montoya who was previously in charge of the process and added that the subject is “in the hands of the Judiciary Power in another country” and “the only thing one can do is to hope that Chilean judges decide soon and in favor of the extradition”.

The Minister pointed out that at the present time the Government of Alan Garcia cannot interfere in this process and questioned Montoya’s motives. “Perhaps he wants that Peru’s administration and executive power is going to pressure the justices of Chile’s Supreme Court”.