Saga Falabella will buy US$ 200 mln in Peruvian products and services

(LIP-wb) — Chilean department store chain Saga Falabella announced to spend US$ 200 mln. on Peruvian products and services in order to support the national industry.

“We will spend 260 million dollars on products and services, and 77 percent, or $200 million, is destined to flow into brands and services made in Peru", informed General Manager Juan Xavier Roca.

He also advanced that the company is developing a project to manufacture cushions and pillows in Ayacucho which will employ more than 2,000 craftswomen. Other products like coats and "chompas" will be acquired from other countries because, according to Roca, the local industry "is not sufficiently developed" in this sector.

Saga Falabella will open its tenth premium store tomorrow at the "Mega Plaza" shopping mall in Lima North. The new store, a US$ 13 million investment, will have 12,500 square meters of shopping space and provide jobs for 600 people.