Peru Government, Telefónica del Peru agree to renegotiate contract terms


Peru’s Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo (l) and Telefónica chairman Carlos Valente (r)
Photo: RPP Noticias

(LIP-wb) — Telecommunication giant Telefónica del Peru accepted to “modify and improve” seven different terms defined in the contract signed between the company and the State of Peru in 1994, among them the reduction of tariffs and basic fees, as well as the service expansion of fixed-line telephony in Peru’s rural areas.

After the first meeting with company representatives, Prime Minister Jorge del Castillo said in a press conference that the dialogue between both parties will continue during the next 3 months.

Verónica Zavala, Minister for Transportation and Communications (MTC), outlined the seven contractual points to be renegotiated: fixed basic fees and local tariffs, billing per second, accumulation of balances on pre-payed phone cards, terms of expiration, long-distance tariffs, public phones, and the expansion of service in rural areas and technological innovation.

Zavala said it is possible that other issues may be included during the course of the renegotiation. “On Tuesday we are going to begin our discussions on the basis of these seven points”, she added.

Telefónica del Peru chairman Carlos Valente said he was satisfied by the results of the meeting and clarified that with this agreement the company will continue its business in Peru and throughout Latin America.