Peruvian climbers reach Shisha Pangma summit in Himalayas

(LIP-wb) — Peruvian mountaineers Richard Hidalgo and Jorge Gálvez have reached the summit of the Shisha Pangma (8,013 m.) in the Tibetan Himalayas today, informed a local radio station. This is the first Peruvian group of climbers accomplishing this feat.

The members of an expedition named “Peru 8000” arrived at the peak around 8:40 GMT, after a twelve hour ascent.

A third member of the expedition, Ernesto Malaga, had to return to base camp after experiencing stomach problems.
Shisha Pangma, is the smallest of the world’s fourteen mountains measuring 8,000 meters or more.

In a phone interview from the top, an exhausted, short-breathing but joyful Hidalgo expressed his gratitude and satisfaction over this accomplishment, stating that the descent will be just as torturous considering the freezing, windy conditions.

The ascent to the mountain, also known under its Hindu name "Gosainthan", is considered as one of the most demanding because of the ever changing weather conditions.

In order to arrive at the top, mountaineers must cross abysses of more than 1,000 meters in depth, temperatures way below zero degrees and strong winds.